Uhrichsville, Ohio

The Uhrichsville rolling mill historically known as “The Newport Rolling Mill” receives molten aluminum recovered from a wide variety of aluminum scrap sources and converts it into flat rolled sheet using the twin-belt continuous casting process. This Aleris facility is 100% supported by the recycling facility adjacent to the rolling mill. The rolling mill cold rolls aluminum to a desired gauge, anneals to temper, levels, and slits the rolled sheet to size.

This manufacturing facility is known as an industry leader in the manufacture of low-cost, high-quality, scrap-based alloys for the building and construction market. We also supply sheet for automotive, distribution and consumer durable applications from this facility.


  • Legal Entity Name: Aleris Rolled Products, Inc.
  • Year Founded:1964
  • Key Products:
    • Flat Rolled Aluminum Sheets

Contact Information

7319 Newport Road SE
Uhrichsville, Ohio 44683
+1 740-922-2540