To meet evolving customer demands, Aleris has multiple innovation centers (IC) focused on developing high-performance, sustainable solutions for our customers as well as continuously improving processes within Aleris. Each center includes two teams — one focused on R&D and one focused on production. The R&D team engineers new materials that help Aleris become the supplier of choice. The product team helps identify the most efficient processes and technologies for making each product. Together, the centers are helping drive innovations in materials, recyclability and process efficiency:

Innovation Centers

Aachen, Germany, uses advanced research and modeling techniques to support customers’ Internal R&D and process improvement efforts to help them meet their design, development and manufacturing objectives.

Duffel, Belgium, focuses on our automotive coil and sheet business segments. Examples of recent initiatives include:

  • Definition of alloys, processes and products that allow automotive customers to move from steel to aluminum bodies, and enable the use of high levels of recycled content or closed-loop partnerships with our customers
  • Particular focus on corrosion-resistant external body sheet that provides larger design freedom due to improved formability and increased passenger and pedestrian safety in the event of a crash

Koblenz, Germany, focuses on our aerospace, heat exchanger and commercial plate business segments. Examples of recent innovations include:

  • Development of high-strength alloys for structural plate applications for use in the aerospace industry
  • Development of heat exchanger products that use new flux-free brazing technology and corrosion-resistant alloys for specific applications like charge air coolers required for the new generations of downsized and turbocharged engines
  • Design of light armor material with increased ballistic performance against projectiles and mine blasts
  • Creation of wear-resistant commercial plate alloys for use in tipper trucks

Zhenjiang , China, is where our fourth innovation center opened in July 2014 to support the development of dedicated aircraft and commercial plate products from our Chinese plant.

North America, United States,  is the location of our next innovation center that will support Aleris’ growth in supplying automotive body sheet to North American customers.