Dear Applicant,

The decision you have made to go for an apprenticeship and to look for the right company to provide that training is very important.  We are very pleased to see that you are interested in an apprenticeship in our company in Germany.  An apprenticeship means making the next exciting step in life, which in many cases will go along with a few changes.  Your life will become more autonomous, you will take on responsibility, have more freedom, meet new people, encounter new situations and have new experiences.  Still, to make the decision about the right apprenticeship in the right company is quite important.  This is why we would like to provide as many answers as possible to any questions you may have and tell you the important things about an apprenticeship at Aleris.

Should you have further questions, our training team will be happy to help you. Feel free to call us or write an e-mail. You can find our contact details here. –> Link to „Kontakt“


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Your Training Team

Aleris Rolled Products Germany GmbH



Making coffee or mowing the bosses lawn in a hurry before it’s time to go home – this is not going to happen to you when you are part of the apprenticeship program at Aleris. We will offer you a sound, professional job training with motivated trainers right from the beginning.

We consider an apprenticeship the key pillar for recruitment and development of junior staff. To make sure that Aleris can continue to rely on young talent that match the company culture, the entire apprenticeship is done in-house. Those who enter an apprenticeship in an industrial profession will have a training workshop at their disposal.

In addition to the technical qualification and the promotion of personal growth, understanding the basic values, according to which we train our employees, is a key element from the outset.

In line with the motto “Consciously safety-conscious“ Safety will be with you from day one. Aleris does everything to provide a safe work environment for you, be it in the office or on the shopfloor. In return you will distinguish yourself by demonstrating an attentive work method with attention to detail and a strong sense of responsibility.

Team spirit
The entire team is the star– there are no lone fighters at Aleris. Teamwork will be part of your daily routine in your apprenticeship. A respectful, open and fair interaction amongst team members is something we take for granted.

You can count on us to provide a highly professional apprenticeship, which will also bring out the best in your personality. We count on you to actively contribute to your apprenticeship by being motivated and committed.


Aleris offers six attractive TRAINING PROFESSIONS in the commercial and industrial field at Koblenz plant.


 Trained Industrial Business Management Assistant Assistant

“I had no idea that there are so many departments
in the administrative part of a business.“



IT  Trained IT Specialist System Integration

“There is so much to see, so much to learn. You can find any type of IT.
And there is a lot of money spent.“



Electronics Technician  Trained Electronics Technician for Industrial Engineering

“Building circuits, software programming – this is really fun.
The working atmosphere here is great, too.“



Industrial Mechanic  Trained Industrial Mechanic

“You can learn a lot from the colleagues in their second year
of training who share their knowledge with us.“


Process Mechanic
  Trained Process Mechanic; Nonferrous Metal forming

“Everything is well structured in such a large organization,
that goes for the job training as well.“


Materials Tester
  Trained Materials Tester

“I completed two work placements in my summer vacation
and gained a perfect insight.“




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