Turning ideas into new solutions

The investment in a full-scale direct-chill (DC) pilot caster illustrates the Aleris commitment to strengthen product and process development activities to become the preferred developer of our customers and to increase our technical leadership in highly demanding market segments.
Beginning in 2014, the launch of a brand new pilot caster was marked by the first successful cast of a direct-chill DC ingot in a regular production format at our facility in Koblenz, Germany.
This new in-house capability closes the gap between small-scale laboratory casting and large-scale volume production. It allows us to accelerate our developments, offering the ability to fine-tune the process parameters of new alloys and/or formats before going into full production. At the same time, it is the right tool to cast ingots to generate valid statistical data which is mandatory for international alloy registrations and customer qualifications.
It is also a fantastic way to push our casting expertise further and learn how to deliver superior casting quality in consistent and cost-effective ways, which are differentiating factors in today’s globalized markets. The pilot caster will be used to bring the right answers to customers and support the growth of Aleris in high value-added market segments.
As an element of the Innovation Center of Koblenz-Aachen, the pilot caster will be used to meet Aleris’ technical needs around the globe, positioning Koblenz as the center of excellence for DC casting in Aleris.