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Aleris released its first corporate sustainability report recently, covering the company’s progress on its sustainability journey between 2011 and 2013.  The report highlights Aleris’ approach to sustainability, including improving the sustainability of its customers, reducing its environmental footprint, and continuing to increase the use of recycled content in its products.

“This first sustainability report is a milestone for Aleris, and an opportunity to highlight the progress that has been made over the last few years,” Steve Demetriou, Aleris chairman and CEO said.  “Sustainability is a key business platform that helps us manage our global operations responsibly and support the sustainability of our customers.  While we have work to do, we’ve made great progress in establishing the baseline that supports our sustainability strategy well into the future.”

Sustainability at Aleris is focused on the environmental, social and governance issues that matter most to its business and stakeholders. The inaugural report establishes the company’s first sustainability goals based on its initial focus areas:

  • Environment, Health and Safety
  • Employee & Community Well-Being
  • Governance & Ethics
  • Product/Supply Chain Responsibility

The report was developed in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 Core guidelines.  During the past two years, Aleris has engaged internal and external stakeholders in forming a sustainability strategy by better understanding the economic, social and environmental issues driving sustainability across the company’s entire value chain.